Rodriquez Van Dyck
LAFF Fellow 2015
Fisheries Institutions Coordinator


Salvador is particularly interested in the mechanisms that encourage and strengthen participation of fishers in management decisions, the use of traditional ecological knowledge in marine policies, and ways in which groups cooperate to more effectively manage their natural marine resources.

Salvador has over 10 years of experience in the Gulf of California promoting co-management among fishing communities and the participation of fishers in management decisions. Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, he moved to La Paz to pursue his BS in Oceanography from the University of Baja California (UABC). After completing his degree in 2006, he stayed in the southern Baja California to work as an inaugural fishery fellow with Rare Conservation. Two years later he joined the Marine Conservation Program at Sociedad de Historia Natural Niparajá, where he worked toward the creation of sustainable fishing models with local stakeholder groups. A highlight of his experience has been his close involvement in applying innovative fisheries management tools in Baja California's San Cosme-Punta Coyote Corridor, including the establishment of a network of marine reserves.

As a LAFF Fellow, Salvador worked on a group project that aimed to create an anylitical tool that managers and policy makers can use to inform the design of Territorial Use Rights in Fisheries specific to coastal communities in the developing tropics. He's currently working with his former nonprofit organization Niparajá as a Strengthening Fisheries Institutions Coordinator within the Sustainable Fisheries Program.

In Salvador's new role, he collaborates with Duke University and COBI, in a partnership that pursues a national diagnosis of fisheries organizations. This diagnostic may help fisheries authorities to guide their futures actions in order to develop and strength fisheries organizations (such as cooperatives, federations and confederations).  On a local level, he still looking for ways to develop capacities and skills among the coastal communities that help them manage their marine resources sustainably.


Salvador Rodriquez Van Dyck's portrait
Salvador with Fishermen
Salvador presenting