LAFF Alumni 2016
Gaines Lab
Director, Instituto de Formento Pesquero (IFOP) Region VIII

Jorge is originally from Chile, and studied at the University of Concepción where he graduated as a Marine Biologist with a Minor in Oceanography and Environmental Quality. After graduating, he worked as a technician and later as a research assistant in the Quantitative Ecology Laboratory of the Trapananda Center at Austral University. During this amazing experience, Jorge spent most of his time working onboard an industrial fishing vessel, analyzing data, and maintaining the data servers. While working there, he was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to study Marine Science at UCSB.

In 2008 Jorge, his wife, and kids moved to Santa Barbara. He completed his PhD dissertation in the Interdepartmental Program in Marine Science (IGPMS), focusing on sustainable fisheries management in commercial fisheries and the impacts of fisheries activities on ecosystems. He studies how the interaction of organisms with other organisms and the environment affects their movement (e.g., migration, aggregation behavior, swimming), and how these interactions affect the success of different fisheries management policies. His research saught to answer three key questions:

  • How movement complexity (e.g., random movement, aggregation, migrations) affects the success of a marine protected area
  • How fish populations extending over two or more Economic Exclusive Zones (and/or High seas) will respond to the different fishing pressure on both sides of the border
  • How marine living resources will respond to global climate change, and the effect of this on the fisheries and fisheries management

After graduating from Bren, Jorge has worked as a postdoctoral researcher for NCEAS, and has recently been appointed as the Director of Chile's Instituto (IFOP) for Chile's Region VIII. 


Jorge's portrait
Jorge with a shark