LAFF Fellow 2018

Diego graduated with a Bachelor of Science (2005) and a Professional Degree in Industrial Engineering (2009) from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. His interest in complex environmental management questions led him to complete professional internships in forest management and the salmon industry in Chile.


After completing his degree, Diego worked for two years in the Chilean Ministry of National Assets, where he collaborated on projects aimed to promote the development of renewable energies in his country. He also worked together with the Ministry of Environment, the Undersecretary of Tourism, and the National Forest Corporation, as an adviser for the country's national protected areas, particularly around sustainable tourism development. He then seized an opportunity to travel Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Central America for a year, and upon return, took a position in the Chilean mining industry, where he quickly advanced in the company to oversee key operations.


Diego comes to the Bren school to apply his background in engineering to advance his career interest in sustainability and environmental management, and is pursuing the Coastal Marine Resources Management specialization. His masters project focuses on designing investment strategies for the recovery of the Chilean hake fishery, which is a collaborate initiative with EDF.

As a LAFF Fellow more broadly, Diego is interested in understanding how policy and industry can strive for larger-scales of sustainability in his home country, and in particular, how improvements in marine resource management can contribute to this agenda in Chile.