Faúndez Baéz
PhD Student
Halpern's Lab

Patricia is a marine biologist interested in marine conservation. She studied at the University of Concepción in Chile, where she was trained as a researcher while working on an interdisciplinary scientific team. After that, she worked as an environmental consultant on a variety of conservation projects including biodiversity strategies and MPA planning. From this work in Chile, which emphasized community collaboration in the conservation planning processes, Patricia became particularly interested in the role of stakeholder involvement in conservation.

Prior to becoming a PhD student and Latin American Fisheries Fellow, Patricia worked as a GIS technician in the Gaines Lab and McClintock Lab of the Marine Science Institute at UC Santa Barbara, where she focused on making a diagnostic for marine spatial planning processes in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Patricia joined the Halpern Lab as a PhD student in 2014, and intends on leading the regional Ocean Health Index assessment for the Chilean coastline as core focus of her research.

Patricia's portrait
Patricia presenting