Gaines Lab

Roxana graduated from the University of Magallanes, Chile, in 2000 with a Bachelor in Biological Sciences. While at the university she focused on reproductive biology of marine invertebrate for the core of her studies. She participated in a research campaign in Antarctica organized by the Alfred Wegener Institute (Germany), where she researched the reproductive biology of decapod crustaceans from the Antarctic and Subantarctic ecosystems. In addition, she worked in larval development of marine invertebrates, particularly in commercial crustacean’s species including king crab, worked as a teaching assistant for Zoology courses, and taught as a lecturer in Larval Biology and Ecology courses.


Roxana earned a Master of Science in Zoology at the University of Concepción, Chile, in 2007, where she conducted her thesis in larval ecology of decapod crustaceans in southern Chile. She worked on several laboratory studies on Fishery Oceanography and Larval Ecology. During this degree she continued to work as a teaching assistant for Biology, Zoology and Evolution courses, and collaborated on research on marine biotoxins with the Laboratory of Health Public at the Ministry of Health until 2013.


Currently, she is a PhD student in the Ecology, Evolution and Marine Science program particularly interested in the reproductive strategies and larval ecology of marine invertebrates, especially in decapod crustaceans. Roxana joins the LAFF program as a PhD fellow as she continues her research on fishery dynamics, particularly biological-physical interactions that affect larval dispersal of decapod crustaceans in differing costal environments.