Castagnino Ugolotti
LAFF Fellow 2018

Fabio graduated with his Bachelor's degree from the University Antonio Ruiz de Montoya (Lima, Peru) in 2012, where he majored in Sustainable Tourism, adn continued his studies into marine science at Universidad Científica del Sur. As part of his degree, Fabio interned in the Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica, on a project to implement one of the country’s few Responsible Marine Fishing Areas.


Upon returning to Peru, his interest in marine resources management as an avid free-diver and spear-fisher led him to collaborate on the launch of a national campaign called “El Tamaño Si Importa” ("Size Does Matter") to raise awareness for sustainable seafood sourcing in restaurants and markets. This collaborative initiative between WWF Peru and Pontific Catholic University of Peru led to the creation of the first responsible seafood consumption guide in the country; in recognition of its impact on awareness for sustainable practices in seafood in Peru, Fabio's team was awarded the National Environmental Award by the Ministry of Environment of Peru in 2014. Following his work on the campaign, Fabio began working for Smithsonian’s Marine Biodiversity Monitoring and Assessment Program in Lima, where he researched reef fish assemblages and implications for fisheries management.


In his tenure as a LAFF fellow the Bren School, Fabio is specializing in Coastal Resources Management. For his masters project, Fabio is on the "Clawless Lobter Project" which assess and systematizes the evaluation and implementation of marine reserves in the Mexican Caribbean. His professional goal is to serve as an effective link between science and marine natural resources management in Peru, with a special interest in small-scale fisheries.