PhD Candidate
Gaines Lab

Originally from La Paz, Mexico, Eréndira is broadly interested in developing management tools that can help solve and prevent over-exploitation problems in marine ecosystems. Focusing primarily on artisanal fisheries, her research more specifically seeks to understand the social and ecological consequences of different spatial management tools used to inform policy-making. Under the mentorship of Dr. Steve Gaines (chair), Dr. Christopher Costello, and Dr. Benjamin Halpern, Eréndira is developing spatial bio-economic models to analyze the role of fish spillover and fishermen cooperation in the design of Territorial Use Rights in Fisheries (TURFs).


Before coming to the Bren school as a PhD student and now Latin American Fisheries Fellow, she worked for two years at the Natural History Society Niparajá in La Paz, where she collaborated with members of the local community, scientists, and local authorities to develop the public use program of Cabo Pulmo National Park and participated in numerous marine conservation efforts within the Baja California peninsula.


Eréndira earned her master's degree in marine biodiversity and conservation from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and her Bachelor's in Marine Biology from the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur.


Ere at worshop in La Paz