MESM Fellow 2017
Conservation Analyst
World Wildlife Fund - Brasil

Caio graduated from Universidade Gama Filho in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 2009 with a Bachelor and Licentiate degrees in Biological Sciences. In 2014 he also graduated with from specialized graduate certification program in Environmental Management.


Since 2009 he has been volunteering on-shore with Instituto Sea Shepherd Brasil, the Brazilian office of the NGO Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and most closely with their environmental education programs. In 2010 he was hired as Field Researcher for Rio de Janeiro's Fisheries Monitoring Program and later served as their Regional Coordinator for the project. In 2012 he was hired by Fisheries Institute Foundation of the State of Rio de Janeiro (FIPERJ) as a Regional Coordinator, and then as their Fisheries Monitoring Coordinator in 2014. 


Caio Faro is interested in sustainable fisheries management, particularly as it relates to sharks, rays and skates. At the Bren School he pursued a specialization in Coastal Marine Resources Management. As a Latin American Fisheries Fellow, he expects to find effective ways to contribute to the conservation of ecologically sensitive populations through the adoption of sustainable fisheries practices in Latin America. Upon returning to Brazil after completing his MESM degree, Caio was hired by World Wildlife Fund-Brasil in Sao Paulo, where he serves as the Conservation Analyst for their Marine program, primarily focused on their fisheries initiatives.