PhD Student
Gaines Lab
LAFF Alumnus 2013

Daniel Viana graduated from the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco, in Recife – Brazil, in 2011 with a BS in fishing engineering. While completing his undergraduate degree, Daniel had a number of extracurricular experiences that provided the opportunity to learn from real world decision-making and applied professional research. Then at the University of California, Santa Barbara, he pursued a master’s degree as a Latin American Fishery Fellow at the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management with a specialization in Coastal Marine Resources Management.


Daniel is currently a PhD student at the Bren School with his research focused on artisanal fisheries management. In particular, it explores the design of TURF and marine reserve systems that can maximize joint tourism and fisheries benefits.


His ultimate career objective is to improve fisheries management in Brazil while defending marine protected areas and proposing and implementing sustainable practices for improving the livelihood of artisanal fisheries communities.

Daniel Viana wears life jacket riding a boat
LAFF Advisors in Galapagos