Postdoctoral researcher
Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health
LAFF Alumnus 2013

Daniel Viana is a fisheries scientist working with topics related to bioeconomic modeling, data science, fisheries management and marine protected areas (MPA). He is a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health examining the global implications of MPA expansion for human health and nutrition in the face of climate change. Daniel is the co-founder and director of IESA, a non-profit organization working with marine conservation in Brazil. In the past, Daniel has worked with government agencies, NGOs and universities to develop innovative solutions for fisheries management and marine conservation challenges.


He holds a BS in fisheries engineering from the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco in Brazil and a masters and PhD in environmental science and management from the University of California, Santa Barbara.



Daniel Viana wears life jacket riding a boat
LAFF Advisors in Galapagos