LAFF Alumnus 2013
Central Bank of Chile

Originally from Concepción, Chile, Miguel has a background in Business Engineering with BS in Economics and a Project Assessment diploma from Universidad de Concepción-Chile in 2008. He then worked for the Undersecretary of Fisheries, developing a program to regulate the local artisanal market. In 2009, he took a position in the Technology Development Unit (UDT-UDEC) where he supported work related to sustainable forestry development and energy companies for public sector. He also taught undergraduate economic class and worked as field coordinator for UN-ILO.

In 2011, Miguel began the MESM program at the Bren School supported by the LAFF program and the Chilean Master Scholarship (Beca CONICYT). While studying at Bren, he focused on economics issues – Miguel’s main contribution to the group thesis project called “Assessing Management Strategies for the Artisanal Sector of the Peruvian Anchoveta Fishery,” was economic problem solving. This project investigated different management strategies with which to regulate the Peruvian anchoveta fishery, with particular focus on strategies that have the potential to provide environmental sustainability, higher incomes, and stability for the whole sector. Miguel completed internships in Peru and Chile where he studied the relationships between enforcement and fishery sector. He also worked with professors Gary Libecap and Hugo Salgado in directed research.

After his return to Chile, he was a research analyst at Qproject Consulting, working on studies related to rural and port-infrastructure assessments, as well as fishery economics. Currently, Miguel has an economist position in the Central Bank of Chile. His main goal is to build and calculate national accounts (GDP) related to natural resources and industry. While in his current position, Miguel hopes to contribute to the effort to recover fisheries by helping to develop improved statistics and indicators used by the Government and decision makers when dealing with this issue.

Miguel Cosmelli's portrait